03 Greedo and Travis Barker’s “Cellout” (+ their EP due Friday!)

03 Greedo and Travis Barker are an (unlikely) match made in heaven. Backed by Barker’s thudding percussion and sparkly synths, 03 Greedo sets some ground rules on “Cellout.” While he’s away, you better:

  1. Not try and get with his fiancé
  2. Not disrespect his kid
  3. Check on his mama
  4. Send him books, not $

In return, he’s gifting you with releases on releases, as this song comes with the announcement that Greedo and Barker are sharing a collaborative 5-track EP Meet The Drummers, due this Friday (!!) This comes shortly after his Still Summer album, exec produced by Mustard. In Greedo’s own words, “I ain’t gone sell out, knock this time inside the cell out.”

Speaking on the project, Greedo says, “A lot of people are gonna wonder if the EP is on some rock n roll or if it’s taking me out my element, but it’s kinda like Travis stepped into my world for this one. It’s gonna shock a lot of people when they hear it.” Meeting  between their respective styles on Meet The Drummers, Greedo wields his inimitable vocals above Barker’s production. Titled after Greedo’s crew The Drummer Gang and Travis Barker’s status as one of music’s most respected percussionists, Meet The Drummers arrives this Friday, July 5th.

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