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Claws Season 2: Cooking up cocaine and crazy plot twists

Claws season two starts off with a bang, literally. Someone catches a bullet, Desna is throwing bombs, and a baby mama becomes a wifey. Read more to find out who.

Only on Claws can the phrase “we are sisters” feel like both a threat and a promise.

Uttered from the mouth of the new HBIC Zlata, the statement drips with foreboding for anyone who dares to leave the family. Family means everything to Zlata, so much so that she shot her sister Riva in the head at point blank range. Everyone is shook, and poor Polly is left to clean the brain matter out of her hair.

Season 2 starts with a bang– literally.

It picks up right after the transfer of power in the season one finale, as Desna and her girls find themselves the reluctant head of Manatee County’s drug ring. Business is booming but the boys are slacking, so Polly’s beau Dr. Ken finds himself burning the money Roller and Bryce won’t launder. But business is also expanding: before her untimely death, Riva introduces cocaine into the opioid mix, a venture Desna tries to fight but ultimately loses to Zlata.

Speaking of, Desna is living her best life cozied up to the supposed Dr. Ruval, who is really just another drug kingpin in disguise. His motive is unclear, but he’s playing the long game for sure; buying her affection and loyalty one home cooked dinner date at a time.

But perhaps the biggest shock of all comes in the form of another questionable love affair. In the ultimate power move, Zlata solidifies her position by forcing Roller to marry her daughter Olga after their illicit love affair. Now they are legally and inextricably bound, which Zlata will surely exploit in her cruel and unusual ways.

In other news, Dean might be having a baby with Virginia, “Vanilla Bryce” is still rocking a fade and won’t forgive Jennifer for cheating, and Zlata wants to start a male strip club Magic Mike style. Meanwhile, Desna is throwing Molotov cocktails at Uncle Daddy’s home and cocaine is cooking in a nursing home basement.

In other words, it’s going to be an interesting season.


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