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A Night Filled With Screaming Lyrics At The Top Of Your Lungs!

Written By | Vanessa Holt                                 Photos By| Vanessa Holt

Last seen in December Fit For A King made a stop here in Salt Lake City, Utah at The
Grand/The Complex on their headlining tour. The band originates from Dallas, Texas and their music is categorized as American metal-core, they were also accompanied by two bands of the same genre; Currents and Like Moth To Flames.

The band is set to drop a new album on September 14th , the album will be their 5th album to be released, currently releasing three singles which were played that night. Their set was mixed with older songs and a few off their last album, it was a night filled with screaming lyrics at the top of your lungs and the perfect venue to do a little moshing. The venue was filled with quite a few new listeners who discovered the band when they played on the famous Vans Warped Tour ’17 and were determined to witness the band play live again due their amazing stage performance, within those newcomers there were also a few dedicated fans who have been supporting the band for quite some time now. Seeing as this is my second time watching the band play live I highly suggest taking the chance to go see them play a show if they make a local stop near you!

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