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Billie Eilish at The House of Blues Chicago

Written By | Denis Cheng

Chicago is a city that almost never sleeps, and in between the week you can find great shows to attend, this time was the Billie Eilish tour beginning at the House Of blues Chicago, this amazingly talented 16-year-old girl had a sold out show for her first tour date, with more than 4 million followers on Instagram I think we should have seen that coming.

A slew of excited fans waited for more than an hour before the doors opened. You could feel the excitement in the air; when Billie Eilish stepped out, the fans went wild. The entire show was filled with attitude and energy, her stunning voice captivated the audience!

In an acoustic style and piano she sang a new song ¨When the Party is Over¨; a breathtaking moment that left the crowd in aww. She finished the show with her latest hit ¨You should See Me in A Crown¨, the crowd sang their hearts out and jumped like wild once again!

Billie Eilish has captivated her fans and the music industry  with her incredible talent. Her band compliments her style; she is a must see artist

A special thanks to the House of Blues staff and crew; I can’t wait to go back and shoot another show there.

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Photos By | Denis Cheng


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