August 24 will see the release of a new LP, Sun Machine (Grand Jury Music), from New York City band Rubblebucket. Today the band reveal the latest single off the album, “Annihilation Song.” LISTEN HERE.
Speaking on the origin of the track, the group’s Alex Toth stated: “In some ways this song is the anthem for Kal and I’s break up as a romantic duo and perseverance in following through with our creative and friendship partnership. To me it sort of represents all our years of obstacles, hardships and lib erating experiences in following our dreams with this band. There’s a crucial lyric in this song on the last chorus that got kind of obscured: “This is annihilation / it could be a liberation / I’m down for the count but I’ll be gettin up soon enough.”
The video for “Annihilation Song”  – available here via Apple Music – was directed by Amanda Bonaiuto who says, “The idea behind the music video for ‘Annihilation Song’ began with the feeling of being in control and learning to trust yourself. The plot was initially inspired by a negative experience with a ride share, and after fleshing out the idea it broadened into being more generally about situations where women are forced to relinquish control. I wanted to create a narrative where the protagonist regains or discovers control that she didn’t think she had; control that she thought belonged to technology, two mind control pelicans, and nature itself.”   Find the teaser of the video here.
Photo by Shervin Lainez
To kick off their now underway US tour, Rubblebucket recently showcased some of Sun Machine at a sold-out show at New York City’s Public Arts where the band had the audience dancing from the moment they took the stage. Today they announce additional November and December dates on the tour and are thrilled to confirm Diet Cig as support for two weeks later this Fall. The tour includes a stop at their very own Dream Picnic Festival in Holyoke, MA on September 8 at Gateway City Arts where they share the bill with, among others, Diet Cig, Caroline Rose, Kalbells, Tōth, and Mal Devisa. The band play in Washington, DC on October 27, Los Angeles on November 6 and Chicago on November 17. The current list of dates concludes December 8 inBurlingtonVT. The entire tour is listed below.
Previous to “Annihilation Song,” Rubblebucket have shared “Fruity” (which can be heard on Sirius XMU), “Lemonade” (which hit the #1 spot at KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic playlist and the more recent “What Life Is.
The visually stimulating Charles Billot-directed clip traces the song as it builds with a uniquely New York anxiety before erupting into a cacophony of sounds.”
Fader on “What Is Life”
“(a) 90s rock freakout, featuring a woozy bass line, jazzy trumpet and lush vocals. It’s an interesting mashup of sounds and genres that somehow works well and leaves you wanting more.” IndieShuffle on “Lemonade”
“The track itself is sultry and languid, yet somehow also exuberant – with atonal, psychedelic instrumentation complementing decidedly infectious melodies and harmonies. It’s all a bit Beatleseque, with unmistakable sonic nods to their classic ‘Across the Universe’.” Blackbook on “What Life Is”
In summer 2015, after finishing a year of intense touring, Rubblebucket began the process of bringing their next record to life. As an experiment, Kalmia asked Alex (her longtime romantic partner) to move out while they worked on the album, then accepted the marriage proposal he made during a recording session just a month later. Although Alex soon moved back in, their 11-year relationship ended when the two chose to ‘consciously uncouple’ the following spring.  But despite all the sadness brought on by their breakup, Kalmia and Alex kept on writing and recording together, ultimately creating Rubblebucket’s most transcendent album to date.
Co-produced by Kalmia and Alex, Sun Machine documents the pain of ending their romantic relationship, yet emerges as an unbridled and often-euphoric celebration of their lasting connection. While the breakup inspired much of the album, Sun Machine

is deeply informed by several other life-changing occurrences in recent years: Kalmia’s diagnosis with ovarian cancer in 2013 (followed by a round of surgeries and chemo treatments), Alex’s decision to get sober after a long struggle with alcoholism, and the couple’s three-year-long attempt at maintaining an open relationship. The result is a strange and beautiful paradox: a party album rooted in radical mindfulness, a breakup record imbued with each partner’s palpable love for the other.
With its airy melodies and lavish textures, dream-logic sensibilities and dancey rhythms,Sun Machine radiates the bright and joyful energy encapsulated in its title. “It’s a reference to the sun as this abundant natural resource we all have available to us-but it’s also about the inner sun, the magma in our hearts,” says Kalmia. “When you can access that, you’re able to get through really hard moments, and evolve and develop creatively. I think that’s the best way to explain how I was able to work through the process of the two of us transforming our relationship in a positive way.” 
Sun Machine Track listing: 
1.) What Life Is
2.) Donna
3.) Lemonade
4.) Party Like Your Heart Hurts
5.) Fruity
6.) Formless and New
8.) Annihilation Song
10.) Inner Cry
11.) Sunlit Sparks (I Won’t Break You)
13.) Habit Creature
Rubblebucket on tour
9/8: Holyoke, MA @ Gateway City Arts (Dream Picnic)$
10/6: Arrington, VA @ The Festy
10/25: Fairfield, CT @ Warehouse*
10/26: Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer*
10/27: Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall*
10/29: Asheville, NC @ Grey Eagle+
10/30: Nashville, TN @ Mercy Lounge*
10/31: Atlanta, GA @ Terminal West*
11/2: Burnett, TX @ Utopia Fest
11/4: Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom#
11/6: Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom#
11/7: San Francisco, CA @ August Hall#
11/9: Seattle, WA @ Neumos#
11/10: Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom#
11/12: Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory^
11/13: Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge^
11/14: Denver, CO @ Gothic Theatre^
11/17: Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge^
11/28: Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
11/29: Columbus, OH @ Skully’s
11/30: Ann Arbor, MI @ Blind Pig
12/1: Pittsburgh, PA @ Rex Theater
12/4: Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt
12/5: Buffalo, NY @ Asbury Hall
12/6: Albany, NY @ Jupiter Hall
12/7: Portland, ME @ State Theater
12/8: Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground

$: Our fest with Caroline Rose, Diet Cig, Kalbells & more
*: Diet Cig + Star Rover support
#: Diet Cig + Tōth support

+: Star Rover supports
Tickets for all shows are available here
Pre-Order Sun Machine:
Sun Machine is available in limited edition Translucent ‘Sun Orange’ Vinyl and alongside bundles including temporary tattoos, Sun Machine Corp company jackets, safe sex devices (pink condoms) & more.
Find Rubblebucket here:

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