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Converse x Carhartt WIP One Star

Carhartt WIP reinterprets the Converse One Star, fusing utilitary military inspiration with contemporary design

Operating in a well-defined design space, Carhartt WIP adapts Carhartt’s iconic workwear products to an audience that moves smoothly between social scenes.

Converse x Carhartt WIP applies this same approach, combining functionality with a contemporary design perspective, to create three new iterations of the emerging road silhouette, the Converse One Star. Given that the two brands have found their identity within various subcultures with a distinct but versatile aesthetic, the Converse x Carhartt WIP collaboration is based on this shared background.

Inspired by military bags and with details adapted for street style, the collection shows how the pillars of fashion and culture can evolve and remain relevant, highlighting the overlap between workwear and streetwear that has always existed.

“From the beginning we incorporated fabrics and military details into our clothes, but with the One Star we wanted to do it with a clean and modern approach.The elegant contrast sole and the robust Cordura fabric are the way we have translated this element of Carhartt WIP’s DNA in a contemporary and utilitarian sneaker, “said Wilfried Atzert, Global Brand Director of Carhartt WIP.


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