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Ziggy Marley Brought Carribean Vibes To The Opera House in Toronto

Written By | Gabriel Di Sante

Ziggy was in Toronto performing his tour called “Rebellion Rises” where songs
like “The Storm Is Coming” and “See Dem Fake Leaders” were sang by all his fans
who were waiting for this moment since the last visit of the Marley’s eldest son at
“the 6ix”.

Even though Ziggy has a great music legacy I must tell that he has his own style that
made my night. In addition, Ziggy showed a really good rapport with the fans during
the concert that made the environment event more chill, relaxing and fun.

Songs such as “Love Is My Religion” and “Positive Vibration” were performed by Ziggy
with a great personal touch seizing the moment and catching all the gazes of the
place. The Rastaman energy was also shared bringing the audience the show they
were waiting for. A rebel message was definitely sent with every deep lyric of this
great album that put over the table many social issues that are currently affecting
many people around the world. Which, I have to say it was very touching and exciting
at the same time.

The lighting and background on the stage was the perfect plus of this show,
combining a great color palette that conveyed an amazing vibe during the whole

Photo By | Gabriel Di Sante

It was a great night full of good sounds and lyrics that expressed the feeling of a
culture that has become a movement of the last two decades I could not expect
more of a concert.

See More Photos of Ziggy Marley


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