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Fans of all ages came together at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on September 24th, 2018 to see The Alina Baraz Tour with Cautious Clay.


Opening the night off right was CAUTIOUS CLAY, an alternative R&B / Soul artist from Brooklyn, New York, with an unbelievable range of creativity. The first thing I noticed were the many instruments waiting on the stage before Cautious Clay (Josh Karpeh) came out. Aside from the typical drums and guitars on stage for the band members, there was a saxophone and a ukulele; speaking with another media member I came to find out that he also plays flute. I was very excited to see Cautious Clay perform with this new information in mind and definitely wasn’t disappointed by the end of his set.

Cautious Clay had a smooth, silky voice that projected a chill and positive vibe that engulfed the atmosphere. He was fluid in his transitioning between singing and using various instruments; all of which he played with ease. The entire set was polished from start to finish and I was happy to see so many friendly people in the crowd swaying along with each song. Cautious Clay put everyone in a cheerful mood, prepping them to give the headliner a great big welcome.

DSC_9637 >>> Watch a sneak peek of Cautious Clay playing live HERE
>>> View more Cautious Clay photos HERE

Headlining the night was ALINA BARAZ, an Alternative R&B Pop singer and songwriter from Cleveland Ohio who is no stranger to the spotlight. She has been taking the stage by storm as a headliner for shows since 2015.

Minutes before Alina was set to perform the venue suddenly filled up completely and there wasn’t a place to turn without being in the personal bubble of another. There were excited fans throughout the venue calling for her, and for good reason. Not only is Alina clearly very talented at what she does, but that night was also her 25th birthday and fans were excited to wish her well!


The lights dimmed in the venue and the back lights came on, suddenly a silhouette of Alina’s backup dancer could be seen in the center of the stage. This woman was incredible and moved across the stage so gracefully, slowly drawing our attention to Alina as she appeared out of the darkness. A spotlight beamed down, and her set began.


The crowd was in high-spirits during the full set as they danced and sang the lyrics so loud at times that it made it hard to hear Alina! Everyone there was showing their excitement, love and support for this gifted artist. Aside from having a gaze and smile that could warm the coldest of hearts, Alina’s voice was like velvet. Soft and warm. She floated around the stage and put the audience under a love spell with her dancing, hip-swaying and personal styling. Alina was classy, sexy and talented on stage; the cherry on top was how sweet she was to her fans. Alina was a pleasure to watch from start to end.
 >>> Watch a sneak peek of Alina Baraz playing live HERE
>>> View more Alina Baraz photos HERE

OVERALL this concert went beyond my expectations and I was fascinated by both performances from Cautious Clay and Alina Baraz. They’re fantastic sets on their own, but absolutely compliment each other together on this tour. Check out this link here to see if their tour stops in your city!

Keep up to date with all things CAUTIOUS CLAY by checking out their Website, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram and Youtube. Check out the newest music video below.

Keep up to date with all things ALINA BARAZ by checking out their Website, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram and Youtube. Check out the newest music video below.


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