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Jez Dior is a Hip-Hop artist, from Los Angeles, California. Signed by Funeral Crew and Epic Records, Jez had a foot in the industry door back in 2012 after his debut single “Candles” went straight to a number-one position. Musically inclined from a very young age and growing up with punk rock guitar icon Steve Dior as his dad, Jez took inspiration from the various influences around him to create a diverse sound that mixes hip-hop, pop and rock with powerful lyrics.

Although he is on fire in the underground scene thanks to his hits including “Old No.7”, “Leather” and “Heroin”, Dior is hoping to breakthrough into mainstream this year with the release of his upcoming single “Nobody Knows” featuring Jackson Guthy.

Here at Imprint, we were given early access to this hot track and can’t wait for it to be released to the public on Friday October 12th, 2018.

“Nobody knows what I’m really thinking, been smoking and drinking… hiding the truth. And I’ll never say that all this was easy, but if you just believe me, I’ll only need you.”  This song has the vibe of summertime in the autumn and left me feeling positive and wanting even more. Fresh, warm, optimistic and full of truth, “Nobody Knows” tells a personal story of our typical millennial love. A crush, infatuation and all of the feelings that grow close to the heart, the mind and other places *ahem* when we’re in that state of mind. “I just got this feeling and it’s unfamiliar. Do you have a plan? You got a hold on me.” This song has melodious singing that pairs wonderfully with the flow of Dior’s rapping. The lyrics are relatable and sincere, which is a very consistent theme throughout his music.  Lively and playful, we enjoyed listening to “Nobody Knows” and can’t wait for the public release of it 10.12.18 as well as Jez Dior’s full debut studio album later this year!

Keep up-to-date with all things Jez Dior and watch out for the release of “Nobody Knows” 10.12.18 on his Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Spotify.



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