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Written by: Ashely Senja

Photo Credit: Ashley Senja

It’s been a minute since I’ve seen a full Canadian line-up concert outside small, local gigs. (I know, shame on me for sure.) It was a pleasure to see a jam-packed bill of Canadian talent gracing the stage at the Danforth Music Hall, undoubtedly one of my favourite venues for music in Toronto these days.

Photo Credit: Ashley Senja

The night started with one of my favourite Canadian bands right now. Ellevator is a band that, if you are sleeping on them right now, you are missing out on. Their melodic riffs coupled with front woman Nabi Sue Bersche’s emotive voice makes for a somewhat-religious experience while watching them explode on stage. They even graced us with a cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” which was beautiful and haunting simultaneously.
                                                                                 View more photos of Ellevator here.

Photo Credit: Ashley Senja

Next up, Modern Space is band out of Newmarket, who, while being Indie Rock, I see some pop-punk undertones, or at least it gave me some pop-punk memories from my youth. They’re an incredibly fun band to watch. Their guitars are groovy and upbeat, this band wants you to have as much fun as they are every step of the way.

View More Photos of Modern Space here.

Dear Rouge took the stage like a force. Danielle McTaggart has a commanding presence, from her sparkling outfit to her dancing, you can’t help but move alongside her. The night was brimming with tunes that had everyone moving, right to the back of the room. As I made my way through the audience mid-way through Dear Rouge’s set, it was obvious the crowd was vibing with every beat. And how could you not? Dear Rouge has really nailed the art of energy exchange with their audience. The venue was a single breathing entity by the end, which is everything you really want out of a concert, isn’t it? Watch some clips of Dear Rouge live here.
View more photos of Dear Rouge here.

Photo Credit: Ashley Senja

Keep up to date with all things Dear Rouge by checking out the official website, facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube and spotify. Click here to see tour dates and watch the newest released music video below!


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