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New wifisfuneral EP Leave Me The F**k Alone

Despite being only 4 tracks in length and coming under 10 minutes, the new EP is a dark and absorbing listen that finds wifi deep inside of his own mind and unflinchingly reporting on the surroundings. The production on the EP finds wifi wallowing in rich and aqueous sonic worlds created by producers Cris DineroTNO, and HenryDaher.

Stream Leave Me The Fuck Alone by wifisfuneral Here.

Leave Me The Fuck Alone EP Tracklisting:
1. “Alone as a Facetat” (Prod. by HenryDaher)
2. “Pain” ft. beta.flies (Prod. by HenryDaher)
3. “Suicide Note” (Prod. by Cris Dinero)
4. “Ever Seen a Demon” (Prod. TNO)



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