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For King and Country blessed a sold out crowd at Palais Theatre in Melbourne

Written By | Hannah Robinson

Photo By | Hannah Robinson

Sunday the 3rd of February was a special night at Palais Theatre in Melbourne as For King and Country played their tenth Burn The Ships world tour show in ten days to a sold out crowd. After a sold out matinee performance at 4pm, the band took the stage once again at 8pm with just as much energy. Claiming that this was an insanely impressive show is a huge understatement. The musicianship, stage presence, vocals, love and passion put into this concert far exceeded expectations.

Photo By | Hannah Robinson

Christian pop duo brothers, Luke and Joel Smallbone, brought a killer performance with their multi-instrumentalist six piece band consisting of Vince DeCarlo, Teddy Boldt, Benjamin Backus, Daniel Jones, Mark Campbell and Stephen Lynch. I can’t even tell you who played what instruments as they all moved around and swapped in every single song. There were certainly more instruments than people on stage and every single one was played beautifully. The stage was filled with equipment spread across many different level platforms, with screens behind them and coloured light everyone, the sensory aspect of the show was in overload.

Photo By | Hannah Robinson

Luke and Joel took turns to chat to the audience in between songs. They spoke from their hearts as they shared of their own personal hardships. Touching on subjects of mental health, addiction and poverty, they used the time to speak to the hearts of everyone in the room. Using their platform for love and positivity, they built up and encouraged women, and shared the hope they have for great men who can “change the headlines” from negativity to positive messages such as “did you see the way he loved her?”. For King and Country are an inspirational example of a band using the attention they receive and diverting it to spread love and hope for others who need it. During the show Luke shared about the Christian organisation they work with called Compassion International and had a time where they passed out booklets for sponsoring children in poverty.

Photo By | Hannah Robinson

The band played through their popular hits “Joy”, “God Only Knows”, “Amen” and the song with the same title as their latest album, “Burn The Ships”, as well as some older favourites including “It’s Not Over Yet” and “Priceless” from the movie with the same name that starred Joel Smallbone and featured Luke Smallbone as an executive producer.

Photo By | Hannah Robinson

For King and Country are one of the most genuine, caring bands of the modern music industry and truly lean into the loving, giving nature we are called to display. This sold out crowd were certainly gifted a night to remember. The Burn The Ships world tour continues in Adelaide and Perth this week before they head for The Phillipines and Singapore on the weekend.

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