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Cold Cave Brings Chills To Masquerade HELL

Written By | Carlos Gonzalez

Photo By | Carlos Gonzalez

“Welcometo HELL.” Is how they greet you at the Masquerade Hell Venue.Chills running thru me while I walk downstairs to a sign that says HELL! An eerie feeling.

The venue brings a warm redness scene perfect lighting to bring Cold Cave on stage. Cold Cave is a nuance to the creatives musicians and writers Wesley Eisold and his wife Amy Lee. They are the couple that share the stage that summon an explosive dark wave of a perfect balance of each other. The unique couple have sort of a yin-yang to each other.

Photo By | Carlos Gonzalez

Both have their talents down and both talents complement each other. Amy lee brings a heavy ghostly beat banging darkness with her sytheizers. While soothing with her soft spoken vocals. Wesley darkness with his. His guitar leads with melodies of rock and roll punk. This deadly duo create some of the most darkest destructive sounds i have ever heard, but while they are destroying together they are savage but yet sweet.

Their performances were short at the Masquerade but it was impactful. While the Band plays a large Screen behind them showcases scenes of something you would see during an Apocalypse. Making there music perfect to add to my Dooms Day playlist.

I enjoyed the show as much as the whole crowd did. Everyone nodding their heads saying yes to this heavy dose mixture. All Black from head to toes on everyone, me included making it feel like a uniform gathering. We were all one with the show everyone just chilling. Nothing like a Cold Cave to Cool Down Hell.


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