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The Midnight in Atlanta at Variety Playhouse

Written By | Zachary Deloach

Photo By | Zachary Deloach

The opener “Violet Days”, who were on their first tour in America from Sweden, were a fresh and interesting contrast to start the show. A polished pop sound with great production and catchy melodies, they did a great job building up the energy.

Photo By | Zachary Deloach

See More Photos of Violet Days Here.

LA based duo “The Midnight” is on tour following up their most recent album release titled “Kids”. 80’s music has always been a huge inspiration for me, The Midnight didn’t disappoint. Everything from the thunderous drums to the beautiful sound of a saxophone created a lovely sense of nostalgia. It was amazing to see the ages of people attending span across multiple generations, both young and old, coming together to enjoy the lush sound of 80’s synthwave music.

See More Photos of The Midnight Here.


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