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William Ryan Key has grown up with his solo project in Nashville

Written By | Therese Enberg

The High Watt’s audience is diverse, the crowd is chattering among themselves. The amount of people in the venue made the night rather intimate.

Photo By | Therese Enberg

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Cory Wells from Redondo Beach, CA was first out. His vocal range was fabulous, and his voice rather emotional. Him alone on the acoustic guitar, filled the room with emotional thoughts and feelings. What I love about the more intimate shows, is that artists are generally more open to discuss mental health, and Cory’s statement “Some is doing good, some are doing shitty” real hit close to home.

About a month ago, Pure Noise Records released the music video for his song “Patience”, and his live performance was more incredible than imaginable. The other song that really stood out was “End of a Good Thing”, Cory’s raspy vocals gave me goosebumps all over my body.

For being an acoustic set and entirely solo on stage he has a great voice, making it pure and lovable.

Photo By | Therese Enberg

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The second opener was Selfish Things from Canada and they brought the most intense energy I’ve ever seen at The High Watt. Their set was a total step up from the nice tunes of Cory Wells. Guitarist Cam Snooks could have had the entire stage to himself as he bounced around like a pinball.

Even the more mellow part of the set was energetic, and vocalist Alex Biro was phenomenal on the keyboard, it really showed off his lyricism.

Their song “Good Morning, Miss America” showed of his vocal range, and touched on self destruction and mental health in general.

Alex Biro struggled to come up with the right words, but then he said “I never in a million years thought I’d be on tour with fucking Ryan from Yellowcard”, and and told the audience how the minister from the his wedding flew down from Canada for the show. “Hangman” had incredible harmonies and back up vocals, perfect for the crowd to sing along setting the mood before headliner William Ryan Key.

Photo By | Therese Enberg

The anticipated William Ryan Key walked on stage and was welcomed with warm applauses. It’s almost a shock to the system to see how his solo career has made him grow up from the Yellowcard era.

The instrumental intro was an interesting tweak to his performance. William Ryan Key mentions how nervous he is to perform in Nashville as the town is filled with talented musicians and as it’s his and electric guitarist Josh Portman’s hometown show. Using a band makes him sound better, though to a certain extent having a band seems unreasonable as Ryan’s voice is incredible by itself. Though I can’t deny, the drums filling sound, and the keyboard gives his voice a boost live. But unfortunately it seems like electric guitarist Josh seems more focused on his looks rather than playing the show.


William Ryan Key has an unique voice, though you can hear the hint of Yellowcard which took me straight back to my childhood. His solo project definitely shows the growth he’s done since Yellowcard called it quits. When Ryan mentions that he’s very aware of how different the solo project is compared to Yellowcard, it made the crowd chuckle.

“The Bowery” spreads a warm atmosphere around the crowd, it made me want to snuggle up on a couch listening to his smooth vocals, hearing the rain smatter against the windows whilst drinking cocoa. Looking around the crowd you can see the couples cuddling up and swaying along to the music.

You can tell its the last date of tour as Ryan exclaims “What day is it? Tuesday? Oh wow…”. Of course, William Ryan Key never disappoints his die hard Yellowcard fans, playing good old hits such as Only One and Ocean Avenue making the Australian couple that flew in for the show overjoyed.

This show really tugged on the heartstrings, going from cozy mellow, to crazy intensity, to mellow to being nostalgic. For being a half filled room, it was a great show and all artists truly showed their passion and love for each and everyone who showed up.

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