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Leikeli47 in Atlanta at The Loft

Written By | Andre Buchanan

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Charlie Xile started off the night the right way! This local artist from Atlanta was all hype and the crowd was loving every sec of his performance. With Charlie dancing all over the stage and playing one of his singles ‘Better Workʼ, he definitely turned everybody in the crow into fans that night.

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Next up was Deanteʼ Hitchcock, another Atl local artist. Deanteʼ hit the stage with so much energy, that the crowd had to match it! This artist had a great stage presence and letʼs just say that the ladies were feeling him.

When Yung Baby Tate hit the stage, the fans went crazy! From Atlanta her self, this artist is on tour for the first time, and is the opening performer for Leikeli47. Yung Baby Tate has so much personality. During her performance she brought fans up on stage to dance and a lot of twerking was going on. I could easily tell why she has a big fan base following.

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Last but not least, it was time for Leikeli47. This was the moment everybody has been waiting for. At 9:30pm Leikeli47 blessed the stage with her presence with the classic bandanna cover her face and all. This was probable one of my favorite performances ever. She played some of her best songs like ‘Girl Bluntʼ and of course had to play ‘Moneyʼ. Leikeli47 really connected with her fans and kept on giving positive and inspiring word to the crowd. Watching Leikeli47 perform will always be a great way to end a night.

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Photo Credit: Andre Buchanan


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