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Los Angeles-based artist SASAMI has released her self-titled debut album to widespread acclaim.

SASAMI now shares a video for ‘Morning Comes, the latest from her critically acclaimed self-titled debut album, out now via Domino. Directed by Sasami & Eric Notarnicola (Nathan For You, Tim and Eric Awesome Show), SASAMI says, “‘Morning Comes’ is the first song with lyrics I ever wrote and recorded. I wrote it at the beginning of a year’s cycle of sentiments and emotional convictions. It marked a (fleeting) chapter of independence, confidence, and feeling in control. This was soon followed by many lapses in said control and emotional strength (hence every other song on the album lol). It seemed fitting to make a music video featuring the most stable and strong person I know – my grandmother (Halmoni). She is a boss ass bitch and makes truly the most epic kimchi on planet earth. Watch the video for yourself and visit her shop in LA if you really want to know the TRUTH.”


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