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No One Can Handle the Guitar Like Santana Can

Written By | Therese Enberg

It’s a privilege to be in Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. The seats are filling up quickly for the sold out show with an excited crowd, both excited for being at the famous Opry, but also for being able to see music legend Carlos Santana live.

The light show is just as spectacular as the man himself. Carlos Santana Mexican American who first became famous in the 1960s. Though even though everyone is mostly there for him, it’s clear that he makes sure everyone knows how talented each member of Santana is.

The current lineup is as follows; Cindy Blackman Santana on drums, Andy Vargas on vocals, Benny Rietveld on bass, David K Mathews on keyboards, Karl Perazzo on percussion, Paoli Mejías on percussion, Ray Greene on vocals and Tommy Anthony on guitars and vocals.

Andy Vargas and Ray Greene are a match made in heaven vocally, their stage presence is phenomenal and takes Grand Ole Opry by storm. It’s also very adorable how Carlos Santana goes up to his wife Cindy Blackman Santana during the show to jam. I’ve never seen a man handle the guitar like Carlos Santana.

See More Photos of Santana Here.

Grand Ole Opry does make the fantastic sound of Santana sound even more mesmerizing with their incredible acoustics.

Photo Credit: Therese Enberg


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