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Genre-blurring Atlanta artist 4TUNAT returns with brand new single “Gillette”. The razoring new track will be the second single leading up to his forthcoming project coming early next year.

“Gillette” delivers on the raw energy and passion 4TUNAT has crafted thus far in his young career as the new single epitomizes the 19-year-old rapper’s genreless confines with an adroitly blend of hip-hop, rock, and rap elements. The effortless build of 4TUNAT’s clever orchestration and impassioned lyricism will soon prove that he is a one-stop shop of hardihood and is bound to make major impacts within the industry.

The single has had major reach so far in various worlds outside of music. The NFL is planning on using the single as a spotlight feature this Sunday, 10/16. Additionally, the Tennessee Titans will be playing the song in their post-game content next week. Amazon prime has also included “‘Gillette” in their Thursday Night Football series.

“Gillette” follows his most recent emotional single “day in time” which was the rapper’s first new release of 2022 after dropping a series of hits last year including “MAX,” which showcases the more playful side of 4TUNAT’s discography. Produced by SupahMario (Drake, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert), that single allowed him to demonstrate his knack for fiery deliveries and catchy hooks. With a bevy of hits under his belts, including other 2021 singles like “BEST FRIEND (BETRAYAL)” and “BAD MOOD”, 4TUNAT has established himself as a rising star who’s willing to bare all or get a party started, depending on where his head’s at.

Now with “Gillette” and “day in time,” the Atlanta-based rapper describes his sound as “omnia” which by definition means “ready for anything”, all things considered, it’s safe to say 4TUNAT is ready to capture the imminent vigor and valor that his new single “Gillette” will bring.


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