A video about making a video: Yung Pinch & blackbear’s “Beach Ballin'”

Beach Ballin'” comes off Back 2 The Beach, Pinch’s debut LP due 1/17. It features Wiz Khalifa, YG, blackbear, Pouya, Good Charlotte, and is executive produced by Cisco Adler (Shwayze).

Back To The Beach is 18 wavy, introspective tracks with Pinch baring the loneliness and vulnerability behind the carefree Huntington Beach boy persona. Back 2 the Beach specifically chronicles Pinch’s roller coaster journey of getting signed to Columbia and moving out of his grandmother’s house and experiencing the Hollywood lifestyle, to getting tied up in label politics and feeling creatively and emotionally stunted/depressed, to finally getting out of his deal and humbly retreating back to the place that has always provided solace and shelter; the beach.