A Year of Music – Trips and Events for the Music Lover’s Calendar

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Being an avid music fan in this day and age is simultaneously easier and harder than ever. Platforms like Spotify make accessing music a cinch, but rising costs elsewhere are making gigs both more expensive and less viable. As such, you might find yourself going months without properly engaging with your musical proclivities. But what if you gave a year to them?


Music fandom can be a costly thing, and not just with thanks to the expensive habit of collecting vinyl. Planning a year of cultural exploits will see you thinking about some major events and experiences, from international trips to world-renowned festivals and beyond. These can cost, making savings a vital consideration before you get booking. You might bolster your spending money with a little more time working and budgeting, in order to afford some of the real bucket list items!

Music is year-round, but some events and experiences have a seasonality to them. To this end, you might plan your year of music around some key events – but which events might they be?

Festival Season

The biggest events on any muso’s calendar are, of course, festivals. Global events like Glastonbury and Coachella capture headlines every year they’re held, bringing international talent to mega-stages and enjoying patronage from a who’s who of industry leaders and influencers. Festivals are unmissable things, not just due to the line-ups but also for the unique ‘festival experience’.

The festival experience – of lapping up lukewarm beers in changeable weather, of sharing tents with friends, of crowd-surfing to a band you’ve vaguely heard of – is an irreplicable thing, and unique to each individual festival. While big names like Coachella and Primavera steal the spotlight, the UK is quietly the best place for festivalling. Smaller festivals like Green Man and Deer Shed quietly curate the best independent line-ups in Europe, while Glastonbury and Bestival are unmatched for their festival vibes.

A Cultural Escape

Summer gives way to winter, and the perfect opportunity to explore cultural landmarks elsewhere. A winter getaway to a city with a rich tradition of musical invention could be just the thing for your year of music. The harsh cold of Berlin in winter is the perfect backdrop to re-tread the steps of David Bowie and Iggy Pop; Austin, Texas would provide slight respite from the punishing winter cold, while also giving you the chance to drink in a Blues landmark.

Music On Your Doorstep

Taking a year out to fully indulge your musical interests is an undertaking that naturally invites you to think big. Weekend or week-long festivals, and excursions to cultural capitals in Europe and beyond, are red-letter experiences well worth budgeting for – but their sometimes-prohibitive cost can make for a sparse year. Besides, there are myriad other ways to actively engage with music, many of which are right on your doorstep.

With the free time to get stuck into cultural experiences, you can get well and truly stuck into your local music scene. The UK has extremely rich seams of local and grassroots talent, while small venues support a vibrant ecosystem of talented touring and independent musicians. Supporting your local scene is vital for the health of the music industry as a whole, and the most direct way to discover new and exciting music. It’s also a great way to make new connections!

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