Aby Coulibaly Announces Her Debut EP ‘At The End Of The Day, It’s Night’ With Brand New Track & Video, ‘Rewind’

Aby Coulibaly announces her debut EP At The End Of The Day, It’s Night with brand new track & video, ‘Rewind’ via her co-founded collective Chamomile Club and AMF Records (Loyle Carner, Greentea Peng, Olivia Dean). The Dublin-based singer burst onto the scene in 2020 with her greatly-received debut single ‘Taurus’, quickly racking up 2.5M streams. Followed by last years ‘Where u at’‘Chamomile Tea’ & ‘On My Ones’ which have seen Aby amass an impressive 80k monthly Spotify listeners.

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter fuses 90’s R&B beats and buttery vocals with astute confessional lyricism. On ‘Rewind’ Aby deals with heavier themes of adolescent isolation. Describing the inspiration behind the track in her own words, Aby explains the song is about “looking back on a moment/time where you wish you did things differently, whether that’s speak your mind more, stick up for yourself or just say something you didn’t have the courage to at the time. I was picked on as a kid which led to me being more quiet/insecure and just unsure of myself for a long long time.”

The text on the singles artwork can be credited to the intervention of a caring teacher, Aby explains “Mr Walsh wrote to my mam when I was 10 in primary school when he noticed I wasn’t being myself. That’s really the time I started to lose who I was and crawl into a shell”. In the fore, is Aby as a toddler, a time she describes herself as being her “unapologetic loud self who would sing for anyone who did or didn’t want to hear. so in the artwork there’s a big contrast between the two versions of me.’ Aby further explores this juxtaposition through the songs lyrics ‘Cold but it feels like a hundred degrees’ ‘sometimes I feel like I rewind & then press play.’

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The self-directed video, shot in Paris and Dublin features Aby entering into a new character and performing. The video shows her delivering the songs lyrics emotionally but never shows the audience reaction or feedback – further driving home the themes of isolation dealt with in the songs lyrics.

For Aby, sharing her music has been a lifelong inevitability & since teaming up with long-term collaborators, Monjola & MOIO & founding their collective – Chamomile Club, the three have created a significant shift in the Irish music scene. Through their joyful visuals & musical offerings all inspired by & created against the backdrop of Dublin, Aby has created her own platform to shine from. The collective are just as happy to share the spotlight with other artists too, as seen from their recent Chamomile Gardens audio visual experience, the lineup including EFÉ, Masterpeace & DJ’s.

Aby sings from the heart, telling compelling stories wrapped in alluring melodies. Counting Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and James Blake amongst her influences, Aby’s eclectic palette feeds into the resolutely dynamic range within her sound. Baring wisdom in her rich vocals, she writes songs that comfort and hearten, enveloping the listener and inviting them to take a step into her blissful universe. Aby melds worlds together with sparkling confidence and a distinct sense of identity beyond her years.