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Alan Walker in Philadelphia at Theatre of Living Arts

Written By | Jared Lopez

Photo By | Jared Lopez

Lights, rhythms, and drops.  Nothing less can be said about Alan Walker’s performance at the TLA.  The openers were nothing short of fantastic and they genuinely built up the hype and laid the foundation for the vibes of the night.  Fans of all different backgrounds and styles were there, some in plain casual clothing, others in dress shirts tucked into slacks, and even some in Marshmello replica helmets.  One thing was for certain, their passion to see Walker live and in action. 

Before he got on stage, chants of “Alan! Alan!” were shouted throughout the entire crowd.  Lights came on before he got on stage to keep the crowd engaged as well as a pulsing bass that sounded like a humming engine on a space cruiser.  The whole atmosphere was felt like we were somewhere on another planet, yet still at home.  Many people had flashing lights and light up shoes and were dancing in anticipation for Alan to get on. 

Photo By | Jared Lopez

The stage set up was nothing short of spectacular.  With lights shooting out all over into the crowd and a giant LED screen in the background playing different visuals and shots of Alan in previous concerts pouring light through to the fans.  Many fans were super into the visual aspect of the show, as it drew their attention more and more the stage.  You couldn’t look away from it even if you tried!  The setup for Alan himself looked like something out of a space ship.  He was high up, drawing the viewer’s eyes up to him as if he was on a pedestal.  The overall presentation of the show was spot on and it was something that can’t be replicated. 

Photo By | Jared Lopez

This being my first EDM show ever, I definitely would say that I was not disappointed in any way whatsoever.  Alan Walker’s show is the definition of a great EDM show based off of the crowd engagement and stage set up.  His die hard fans left feeling great that night, and they definitely are replaying that night in their heads to this day. 

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