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Allen Stone Brings It All at the Phoenix Concert Theatre

Written By | Joshua Habtwold

Allen Stone
Photo By | Joshua Habtwold

Chewelah, WA-based R&B and soul singer Allen Stone is already close to ending his 2018 North American tour but made his stop to Toronto at the Phoenix Concert Theatre to play a variety of astonishing, breathtaking classics, as well as some newly-released songs for his upcoming project. With a couple of albums that he has on his belt, such as his 2012’s self-titled album and his recent release from 2016, Radius, his radiant vocals and his tempting tone has amazed his fans since he started making releases and has been compared with the likes of Stevie WonderMarvin Gaye, and Bill Withers 

There were a good amount of people that lined up before the doors opened, and once they opened, it became bigger, even before the first opener came out. The merch was also interesting and provided things that you would never see in actual cards, such as thank you cards and bobbleheads. Various people of all ages and backgrounds came for this soon-to-be-astounding show, and the stage was one thing that came to my mind. There were ensembles of flower mache, that were presented around the speakers, as well as within the instruments as well, making it more beautiful and vibrant. 

Nick Waterhouse
Photo By | Joshua Habtwold

Supporting him on stage was Santa Ana-based R&B and soul vocalist Nick Waterhouse, who came with a 5-member ensemble, that were also astonishing background singers during the show. Throughout the first two songs, Nick’s vocals were quite unique and the style of sound was similar to a variety of old-school Motown artists, and he incorporates this through the way he strums his guitar and how he provides good vocal breath takes from line to line. His saxophonist brought a variety of great bridges throughout his set, and it incorporated with his loud vocals, which brings a drawl, as compared to many soul artists from the South. As the crowd got bigger, midway through his set and vibing out to the relaxing vocals, Nick and the other members of the band were vibing along the chorus throughout certain songs, such as ‘This Is a Game’, and it brings an interesting in-sync unison between all members and the way they sound. Once they finished their set, the atmosphere was on a higher level of positivity and that energy was syncing in for Allen’s upcoming presence. 

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Allen Stone
Photo By | Joshua Habtwold

Once the crowd became bigger and full in capacity, Allen Stone hit the stage to open up with recent single, ‘Brown Eyed Lover’. He was spotted wearing a pink suit with short-sleeved flower shirt throughout the entire set, which seemed quite vibrant for his sound. He came with a 5-man ensemble, which brought vibrancy and poise when they performed each and every song. Once he performed ‘Brown Eyed Lover’, he started off with, sultry vocals to soothe the crowd. He then brought his vocals on a higher level, and brought a variety of interesting dance moves and gestures, to express the vibe of each and every sound.

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