Amber Run Show Mental Fortitude With Fiery New Single

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Having amassed over 300 million Spotify plays with early 2014 hit ‘I Found’ (a tune you may recognize from TikTok, where more than 18 million have created videos inspired by the track), the band continues to build their fanbase organically, inviting open dialogues with songs that often cut to the quick of life’s more difficult moments. 

With a mission to destigmatize mental health struggles, new track Hurt’ makes for the most sonically visceral moment on their soon to drop fourth album How To Be Human’ out Feb 24. 

Hurt is the precursor to the massive moment when frontman Joe Keogh attempted to take his own life by walking into the ocean. Thematically addressing the road that led him to contemplate life, listeners can feel the frustration and pain emerging in a cathartic purge that the group takes with great stride, turning pain into a unifying experience disguised in a song. 

Recorded without any over-complications, the final result is an album that’s raw and honest in every possible way, carried out by owning our struggles to eventually bring them into the light.