Armand Van Helden returns with summer hit “I Won’t Stop”

New single marks the 25th anniversary of Armand Van Helden’s groundbreaking release “You Don’t Know Me”

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Celebrating the 25th anniversary of his UK chart-topping single “You Don’t Know Me”, Armand Van Helden makes a triumphant return with another summer anthem in the making: “I Won’t Stop”, out now on FFRR/ Major Recordings. The single is a return to the high energy, vocal-driven house sound that made Armand Van Helden a name synonymous with game-changing music that stands the test of time. Already securing staunch support from tastemakers including Danny Howard (BBC Radio 1), Gorgon City, Fisher, David Guetta and Barry Can’t Swim, it’s safe to say that “I Won’t Stop” is set to be a firm festival favorite this summer.

Armed with one of the season’s catchiest vocal hooks, “I Won’t Stop” is a throwback to the golden era of rave – a love letter sealed with a kiss of sirens and old school synths. Straddling the fine line between club weapon and crossover hit, “I Won’t Stop” is a timely reminder of the unique position Armand Van Helden has held within electronic music for over two decades.

“I’d been experimenting with American freestyle music and trying to tap into the sound for a long time, so this record is a mash-up of American freestyle and old, big New York club music from 1993 – that’s what I was trying to spin with this track. It’s a song that is ridiculous and I want people to be lit up and live in the ridiculousness when they hear ‘I Won’t Stop’.” – Armand Van Helden

In 1999, “You Don’t Know Me” – Armand’s first release with the legendary UK dance label FFRR – secured the #1 spot on the UK singles chart and was a top 10 hit in France, Germany and Italy; the release’s overnight success has left a lasting impression on the scene, rightfully earning its spot as one of house music’s most iconic and timeless tracks. Along with that unmistakable NYC swagger and an ear for a chart crossover, subsequent #1s with Dizzee Rascal and a remix of Tori Amos’ “Professional Widow” helped secure Armand’s place as the undisputed king of the late 90s and early 00s.

“I’ve always felt that Armand Van Helden was synonymous with FFRR, thanks to records and remixes like “U Don’t Know Me” and “Sugar is Sweeter” which I played to death as a wannabe DJ back in the day. I’ve always been mindful to have a focus on the future with the full acknowledgment and appreciation of the past, so to welcome Armand back to the label after 25 years with an incredible brand-new record that feels utterly current but classic at the same time, is a dream come true.” – Andy Daniell – FFRR

It feels right, then, that Armand Van Helden should return to form on the 25th anniversary of “You Don’t Know Me” to solidify his place at the top and share a statement with one clear and undeniable message to electronic music: “I Won’t Stop”.