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BA$$ Tune

Boston-born, Atlanta-raised rapper Ba$$Tune is a rapper that is definitely making moves with his music in Atlanta’s rising scene. His inspiration stems from his interest in music, where he felt like he wanted to make an impact by creating his own stuff. Although he’s influenced by Kendrick Lamar, he feels that he doesn’t need any role models, but follows his own path and see where it takes him. As a goal, he wants to be able to provide for the people that he loves and he does through speaking on real-life experiences with rattling, melodic trap beats. In that sense, he’s preaching in a lit way and he just wants the music to speak for itself on who he really is. With his unique, moody style of music videos as well as his vibrant, dark-infused type production in a variety of his songs, Ba$$Tune is sure to make much noise in the scene and will captivate listeners with his meaningful and reflective lyrics. 

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