Baauer is back with a new song and video for Let Me Love U, his first release since 2020’s Grammy-nominated dance album of the year, Planet’s Mad.

Harrison Rodrigues aka Baauer – spent much of the last year traveling, recording, and playing live across America and Europe, tuning his music to ecstatic crowds post covid. Highlights included executive production for the much hyped k-pop tastemaker Omega Sapien, which soundtracked the launch of Apple’s new Macbook Air M2 in April. And a blinding performance, headlining Hard Summer alongside RL Grime: which moved Dancing Astronaut and thousands of fans to declare it monumental – the best set of the biggest dance festival in America.

‘Let Me Love U’ is the first house release from Baauer. The commercial release will also feature an extended version, followed by remixes to keep the song fresh all Summer. On ‘Let Me Love U’, Baauer has landed on this joyous, hyper infectious house anthem of the year.

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“I wanted to make something that’s undeniably happy. I just felt I wanted to hear that as we get back on the road again. I wanted to make something huge. Over the top. For years now I’ve found myself recording sound on the street. For this one I wanted to try to catch the energy of New York as we start to move again… Pop has always been at its best in dance music where people genuinely come together” – Baauer

The single drops alongside a  music video by Leia Jospé and LUCKYME®’s Cameron Morse and Dominic Flannigan. Jospé is famous for her camera work on HBO’s Emmy-nominated show How To WIth John Wilson, as well as her own exhibiting artwork and ultimate cringe curation account ‘@favetiktoks420’. The video shows Baauer out in the streets, collecting recordings for his next album. The video is made from over 300 clips showing love and compassion buzzing on the streets of New York.

Let Me Love U will be available on digital, streaming and cassette. Baauer is currently working on a new LP, which will be released early in 2023.