Bad Gyal, the queen of urban music breaking all norms of the genre, releases her new single “Sin Carné.”

In this new song, born in a recording session in the Dominican Republic alongside producer El Guincho, Bad Gyal explores the strength of urban music with simple and mature melodies while reinforcing her brand of empowerment through her own means, something she expresses perfectly in the lyrics: “Conduciendo pa’l party sin tener carné” / “Driving for the party without having a license.” “Sin Carné” is a journey towards a stronger and freer Bad Gyal who does not require any permission to establish herself as the Diva of the urban genre.

In her own words, Bad Gyal talks about the key tones and the power of the track: “With this song I wanted to be able to explore the strength of urban music with simpler and more mature codes. Reinforce my music as a means of empowerment and that it can transmit that attitude without the need for many artifices.”

The song is accompanied by an even bolder music video, directed by MANSON (also directors of past Bad Gyal classics such as: “Candela,” “Zorra” and “Learning Sex”) and produced by CANADA; The video begins with Bad Gyal running away from her wedding, meeting up with her friends, who pick her up in a Bentley to party and forget their sorrows. The video, like the song, represents a journey towards empowering Bad Gyal as an artist and as a woman. The trip leads to a police arrest, which far from intimidating the artist, causes one of the most iconic moments in the video.

“Sin Carné” culminates a sequence of five releases since the beginning of 2022; Bad Gyal is an unstoppable force and a multifaceted artist who transitions between music and fashion. Beyond songwriting, she is an anthem maker for today’s sassy young women. Although she has Spanish roots, the artist takes an international approach with her music that mixes dancehall, dembow, reggaeton, pop and afro beat genres with much more to come in 2022 and 2023.