BANDA LOS SEBASTIANES continues surprising us one step at a time by giving us this new song that will be included in their upcoming album, making sure the fans will love it

“Dirás” is the song’s title (which will be available starting today). It is a song about heartbreak and spite, from the authorship of the acclaimed songwriters Luciano Luna, Marián Oviedo y Saúl Plata (this last one being the main producer of BANDA LOS SEBASTIANES’ projects).

“Psicólogo Privado” and “Imagina” are the songs the band has already dropped from the EP ‘SIN MIEDO AL ÉXITO’ (available this April), and where you can also find “Dirás.” The music video was filmed in Mazatlán and it is released today on the band’s official YouTube channel.

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With this release party, the band is celebrating their most recent nomination for the Latin American Music Awards 2021, where they compete in the category for “Canción Favorita Regional Mexicano” thanks to the song “En eso no quedamos” from the album ‘EN VIDA.’ The Latin AMAs is the award show that pays tribute to the most influential and iconic Latin artists of the moment and they will take place on April 15th in the BB&T Center de Sunrise, Florida. The awards will be televised live through Telemundo.

“We are so happy for this nomination. This really nurtures us to keep on working harder. It’s a nice reminder that our fans really enjoy our music and that’s why we are so excited to drop this next album. We hope you all like it too!” said BANDA LOS SEBASTIANES about their nomination.