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BARRENS: Toilet Ov Hell Debuts New Video From Swedish Post-Rock Trio Featuring Members Of Scraps Of Tape

Penumbra Full-Length To See Release Via Pelagic Records Next Month

Gothenburg, Sweden-based post-rock trio BARRENS, featuring members of long-running alternative/experimental indie rock unit Scraps Of Tape, is pleased to unveil their disquieting new video for “Atomos.” Now playing courtesy of Toilet Ov Hell, the moving track comes by way of the band’s impending debut full-length, Penumbra, set for release next month via Pelagic Records.

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“The video of ‘Atomos’ plays as a recording of a fever dream, or perhaps of a life,” issues the band. “The chaos and cross cutting; the distorted reality and loose references; the beautiful and the abstract blend together to form a broken narrative that most of us can relate to. Created by Linus Johansson it supports a track which explore a dreamlike state which careens almost out of control and then back again. A metaphor for being alive.”

Adds Toilet Ov Hell, “Penumbra as a whole is an exercise in balancing oppression with catharsis. It hits you with a desolate landscape: a tom and snare crawl; a down-tuned riff; a malfunctioning electronic synth layer… then a cymbal crashes; a melody kicks in; the tempo triples and suddenly everything is okay, for a moment.”