Ba$$tune is not worried about your input – “Input” Song Review, track out now

Written By | Leyan Bitar

Taking Atlanta by storm, Ba$$tune’s “Input” is the next track to hit hard and land itself a spot on a feel good playlist. The rapper’s melodic flow on this track hits different from his previous high energy verses like those heard on “Run It Up,” “No Vouch,” and “Lay Off.” A track that promises Ba$$tune’s dedication to his craft, “Input” exudes raw and perfectly harmonized emotion.

Whether it’s your first time listening to a Ba$$tune song or not, you surely can’t miss the rapper’s deep messages, especially those he has on “Input.” Ba$$tune makes it clear to whoever is there listening to this song that he gives no care to what people think or say of him. His plan? To continue working hard and not let anyone get in between him and his goals.

On the track’s rhythmic hook, Ba$$tune raps, “Give a fuck about ya input… I’m the one that’s gon put the work in… I never ran… I always stand… Just like a man… I was just staying down sticking to the plan.”

And while many others around rap to get famous, Ba$$tune confirms, with confidence, that this is not who he is and that this is not what he wants. On the track’s main verse, Ba$$tune says, “I’m a pro at what I do… I stay low, I ain’t tryna make the news.”

Feeling more like himself on “Input” than ever, Ba$$tune is making it clear that he owes no one anything. His success so far is all attributed to him counting on himself and his work ethic. He closes his hook with “Aint got shit to prove… Too much shit to do… I make it look easy but only if you knew.”

His words don’t only speak to those involved with music, in fact, they transcend reaching everyone out there working hard to get to where they want to be in life. A rising power in Atlanta’s rap scene, Ba$$tune’s words pave the way for those dedicating themselves to their work and their goals. An artist to watch out for, Ba$$tune’s flows need to be heard and heard now, in Atlanta and beyond.