Becky and the Birds’ “With You” is the latest pearl to be added to Spotify’s Oyster Playlist

Written By | Marc Fong

Becky and the Birds, aka Swedish R&B producer/artist Thea Gustafsson, is the latest addition to Spotify’s Oyster playlist. With the playlist, listeners can discover the best and most relevant work across the Nordic region and beyond—just as they would discover a pearl within an oyster.

From Studio Oyster in Stockholm, Becky and the Birds recorded the airy track “With You” which was released on March 5.

“With You” is aligned with Becky and the Birds unique sound. A genre-bending blend of R&B and indie-pop, “With You” is a complex love song that leans dreamy-fantasy. The listener is easily lost in the fragile beauty of the music and pulled even deeper into the romantic daydream. Fraught with an anxious diaphanous sound, the song is hopeful, fantastical and all-around soul-touching; like a bittersweet memory where the sweet wouldn’t be the same without the sour.

The delicate beauty of the track is made even more wonderful by Gustafsson’s airy vocals, longing but loving emanating from every word sung.

Though the song is slow-paced, the hopeful-romantic will easily find this to be a great addition to an upbeat, drunken-summer playlist.

“With You” is available now on Spotify