Berghain’s Fiedel announces collaboration with Dominican-American choreographer Isabel Lewis

Erotic Love As Sociability, marks a meaningful new expansion of the Fiedeltwo release catalog. The EP is based on music originally created for ‘Urban Flourishing’, a performance by Isabel Lewis, a Dominican-born choreographer & dancer raised in Florida. Lewis has danced for an impressive number of choreographies and presented commissioned work internationally for the prestigious likes of Palais de Tokyo, Tate Modern, Berliner Festspiele, and Ming Contemporary Art Museum Shanghai.

Isabel Lewis drew her inspiration from Love or Greatness by Roslyn Wallach Bologh, a sociological text interrogating the rigidity & violence inherent to modern society – especially in regard to the mutually exclusive relationship between greatness (in the public sphere) & love (in the private sphere). Fiedel found Lewis’ performance so compelling, after seeing it at Roskilde Festival 2019, that he couldn’t resist paying tribute to it on vinyl.

The Original Performance Mix, on the A-Side, offers a trance-inducing, minimalist sound that draws extra funkiness from Lewis’ warm charismatic vocals. The B-Side features Fiedel’s Disco Bass remix, a subtly pumping interpretation complete with a dense bass line, cowbells, and instrumentation that verges on disco while staying close to the original’s groove.

Erotic Love As Sociability EP will be available for purchase through Hardwax on December 17th.

Isabel Lewis – Erotic Love As Sociability EP

Release Date:
December 17th

Vinyl & Digital

Track List:
A. Isabel Lewis – Erotic Love As Sociability (Original Performance Mix)
B. Isabel Lewis – Erotic Love As Sociability (Fiedel’s Disco Bass Edit)

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