Big Kidd and The Voice that Sends Shockwaves

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If you know Australian rap, then it’s highly likely you’ve heard the name Big Kidd at some point in time. It’s a guarantee that if you have, you have remembered the grit in one of the most powerful voices to ever step to a microphone within this lifetime. 

Big Kidd, the Croatian-Australian Trap metal superstar, occasionally reminisces about his time as the anonymous construction labourer Marcus Matthews. “When I was putting that work in on site, I was like, ‘I wish I was a rapper in the studio, killing it, making that hard music that someone can get instantly hooked on’ he reminisces. 

In 2020 Big Kidd burst out of the underground with the DIY single ‘Talkin Tuff’ spawning – with no help from the radio – the rapper has made further platinum hits and since received somewhat mainstream validation due to his unquestionable hostile choice of methodology within his music. 

As for the trap star, not much has changed in regards to his choice of style over the last few years. It’s still gritty and gnarly, but Big Kidd doesn’t see it as particularly shocking. “I would describe it as who I am,” he says. “I’m just expressing the real feeling that I live every day. If it’s not the anger, it’s the sadness. When you see the videos to the sound, whatever that may be, that’s just my life.”

Often going live on his Instagram account to preview unreleased music for his fans, resulting in thousands of people eagerly waiting for new workout music and something they can relate on. When asked about the recent music being on the horizon he says ‘2023 will be a great year, you will hear some of the most energetic music I’ve ever made.’ If this music is your acquired taste or even if it isn’t. Everyone can certainly agree if you listen to those words carefully, the music tells a powerful story.

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