Bluebird Theatre turned into a Dance Party the Night MarchFourth performed

Written By | Brandon Thrift

When you think of March Fourth think of big band, grunge, hip-hop, rock, and pretty much every music genre. But first and foremost, they are a marching band. The group consists of 12 musicians and 3 acrobats. On September 7th they brought their act to Denver, Colorado.

Denver band, Float Like A Buffalo, was the opening act. They were a great act to get the crowd warmed up for what was to come. They sounded like a jam band on steroids. Hip-hop infused beats mixed with guitar riffs, and brass instruments. The sound that stood out from the rest was the bass. The bands bassist, Jason Clukies, was jamming like no other throughout the night Float Like A Buffalo had a large crowd there to see them. They did an excellent job and left everyone ready for March Fourth.

At first glance the stage didn’t look like it was big enough to accommodate the 12-person band. As it got closer to show time the placement of all the instruments was that of a well -oiled machine. There was a high-rise in the back from the brass instruments, the percussionists all stood in front of them on the stage level, and there were a couple other musicians mixed in stage level (guitar & bass). As soon as their first song started the venue erupted in a huge dance party. Everyone was screaming and dancing along. It was a great environment that would make anyone happy. The band sounded perfect, hitting every note while rotating through musicians who took lead. They also had a few acrobats that performed aerial maneuvers and juggling. Overall, it was a terrific experience, one that you should definitely go see for yourself.

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