“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”


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Incredible new artist ELLAURO today releases her debut single ‘INDIGO’ via Day One / Island Recordslisten here

‘Indigo’, a track produced by Joy Anonymous and written by Ellauro, sings of sadness, melancholia and hope over slow, rolling drums and with her voice gliding like honey over the beat she sings “Lately, I’ve been feeling down / Maybe, I need someone else around.” 

Explaining the thoughts behind the track name, she says: “For me, ‘Indigo’ speaks about escapism from depression, loneliness, as well as the frustration with how intensely all these negative emotions affect me. I tend to stay lost in my own head during these moments but it will always remain a source of inspiration for me musically and lyrically.”

At only 20-years-old, Ellauro is a product of her surroundings. Her sound swinging between alt-pop and R&B with tender, intimate lyrics and organic, forward-facing production. Her unique voice elevating every track: soulful and soft, fragile and strong, Ellauro doesn’t just sing, but channels every feeling and makes you empathise with every wrought emotion. The universe Ellauro creates is one where the colours are more vivid and every emotion is pushed to the surface.

Ellauro is due to release her debut collection of songs later this year with more live dates to be announced.

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