Bria The Artist Crafts A Sound For The Soul

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Born and bred in the Bronx, Bria The Artist has worked in and on art her whole life. Everything about her distinctive style goes for a multi-pronged approach. With her work in her current hometown of Peekskill, NY, gaining attention thanks to being contracted to paint her first mural there in 2019, she’s constantly been improving her craft. To help those interested in pursuing their artistic style, she has hosted Paint & Sip classes around NY since 2017. Money gained from these classes is then siphoned back into her music career. So, in a way, her art funds her art.

The music she creates draws from a beautiful array of different styles. Neo-soul, jazzy hip hop sounds best known as “a vibe” she holds nothing back. Her upbringing encouraged her pursuit of art, as Bria provided backup vocals for her mother, who went by the stage name Valerie Not Val. Early on, Bria took this inspiration to produce her first full single, “Howlin,” in 2012, over a decade ago. Since then, she’s worked with producer/songwriter DJ Gomi and Soul Train Award-winning Jazz vocalist Nicole Henry.

She has gotten her music out to the masses in a traditional way – through shows. She has taken the art and music scene by storm with over 100 shows, including a ten-city tour in 2019 that ended in Dubai. 2023 marks an exciting next step in her career, “A Bri-Dimensional Virtual Concert Series,” to further her unique approach to immersing the listener in her sonic realm.