“La Potencia Sinaloense Fuera de Serie” (“The Boundary-Defying, Sinaloan Powerhouse”) CALIBRE 50 kicks off 2021 on a high note, celebrating their eleventh anniversary with today’s release of their latest album.

‘VAMOS BIEN’ is the title of the highly anticipated album which offers fans and new listeners many surprises, including the fresh and innovative singles they have already been sharing with us over the last few months – “Te volvería a elegir,” “Barquillero” and “Quiérete a ti.”

In each of the 14 songs of the album, CALIBRE 50 entices listeners with exciting combinations of rhythms and sounds. One of the noteworthy singles of the album is “Barquillero,” which was initially released as a banda version and has now received a norteño update.

The songs were primarily written by Calibre 50’s leader Eden Muñoz and feature lyrics about intriguing stories of love, heartbreak and more. Genres including corridos, boleros, rancheras, and banda can all be heard on the album. Another noteworthy single is the title track “Vamos bien,” which was written by Muñoz when the singer-songwriter suffered from Covid-19.  This led him to become more aware of the reality of Covid- 19 and to express his thoughts about it in song, referencing the pain of losing someone important in life and the necessity to keep on moving forward.

“We present to you this extremely special album that we made with great affection for our fans. Our fans will now have access to a therapeutic album that helped us get through a time of sadness and uncertainty. All those feelings turned into these songs with the intention that if you come to feel the same way, you can take refuge here, in our music.”– Eden Muñoz 

‘VAMOS BIEN’ is now available on all digital platforms and invites all listeners to find and enjoy the true beauty of life and love.