“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE Releases “I See You In My Dream” Single


Indie singer / songwriter Carrington MacDuffie has released “I See You In My Dream” as her latest single and lyric video, the follow-up to her captivating single, “Because I Couldn’t Have You.” The new lyric video was exclusively premiered by Digital Journal on March 13th.

With a soul stirring soft rock aura, this release will dazzle the airwaves and captivate the hearts of many. Its catchy and well written elements help listeners to find comfort in the lyrics and relate to MacDuffie’s enchanting message.

“Communicating in dream-time, across time and space, is one of the wondrous things music does, and this can be experienced personally as well, it’s just energy,” says MacDuffie. “We know from our quantum physics that we’re made up entirely of energy, the same energy that drives this song.”

“I See You In My Dream” is the second single off of MacDuffie’s forthcoming EP I’m The One, which will be released April 24. With a fresh new outlook on music, Carrington has taken a bold step to remain unique in her musical style by mixing several genres into one unified sound. Carrington is 100% hands on from start to finish. From writing to producing; her rare touch shines bright to prove a softer side of Carrington in “I See You In My Dream.”

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