Cherry Glazerr in Toronto at The Velvet Underground

Written By | Linda Le

Cherry Glazerr, rock band based out of warm and sunny Los Angeles, California made a stop in the not so warm city of Toronto on February 20th. This was one of two Canadian stops on their Stuffed and Ready tour.

Photo By | Linda Le

Despite the chilly and damp conditions, fans of the L.A rock band stood outside the Velvet Underground eagerly awaiting their time to enter the small, intimate venue/night club. At around 7:30 pm it was finally time for concertgoers to be let inside; many making stops at the bar to grab a drink before making their way to the front of the stage. You witness the crowd mingling, having a few drinks or on their phones to pass the time, awaiting for the show to begin.

Photo By | Linda Le

About an hour later it is time for the openers to hit the stage, they introduce themselves as Palehound, a band based out of Boston consisting of Ellen Kempner as lead vocalist and on guitar, Larz Brogan on bass and Jesse Weiss on drums. They start of their set with songs off their 2017 album A Place I’ll Always GoThe crowd very much appeared to enjoy Kempner’s husky, growling vocals, as they swayed and bobbed along to their set. Nearing the end of their set the band treated the crowd to a song they released a few days prior, performing their dark new track, “Killer”.

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As the crew was setting up turning on the pixie lights and putting inflatable cherries in the back you knew you were in for an interesting show. When the lights dimmed the act of the night emerged on stage, guitarist and vocals Clementine Creevy, bassist Devin O’Brien and drummer Tabor Allen. They opened with “Ohio” a track off their album Stuffed and Ready. A few songs into their set is when the crowd started getting a little aggressive as a mosh pit formed. The crowd was really getting into the music as they were seen head banging and a fan was even seen crowd surfing during one of Creevy’s guitar solos. The set continued with more originals and during their encore performance a cover of LCD Soundsystem’s “Time to Get Away”.

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