Chicago Rapper Tyre Hakim Drops New EP God Body Vol.1 and Visual for “First Day in LA”

Chicago hip-hop artist Tyre Hakim as debuted the official launch of his new project, God Body Vol 1. The 10-track project launches in tandem with the music video release for “First Day in LA”.

Directed by Noyz and produced byThe Sickone and Zomixedit, the visual for newly released single “First Day in LA” features vivid and colorful visuals of Tyre cruising through the sunny streets and beaches of California. Flickering through dizzying wide lens shots of Tyre perched on his vinyl record throne to vibing out on a local neighborhood porch, the rapper flexes his “Southside to Sunset [Blvd.]” journey and boisterously announces his arrival to LA.  

The 10-track project includes recently released lead singles “Last Supper” and “Back from the Dead” in which Tyre delivers thought provoking lyricism reflecting on his self and connection with God. 

Throughout the 10-track album, Tyre continues to share his stories and experiences as he is growing and transcending to new levels of his musical journey and life itself. In recently released lead single, “Last Supper” Tyre candidly shares the strengthened relationship he’s cultivated with God in his loneliest hours “in the bottom with sharks in the water.” Tyre also makes his powerful blowout introduction in “Back From The Dead” proclaiming his intention to build an empire brick for brick the rap game isn’t ready for.  

The Chicago native has been expressing himself through the art form for as long as he can remember – with his mother in a church choir, his father well known as a rapper himself. With deep musical roots, becoming an artist was the path he was destined to take. At the age of 11, Tyre began his musical journey drawing inspiration from hometown legends like Kanye West and classic R&B sounds that influence his songwriting and rapping. 

As he continues to explore his versatility through his lyricism and storytelling, Tyre will have a lot more to share with his musical journey with many more releases to come in the new year.  

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1.      Last Supper 

2.      Soufside 

3.      Back From the Dead 

4.      FDLA 

5.      Juice 

6.      Case Close 

7.      He Say, She Say 

8.      Why Me 

9.      Most High 

10.   Money Problems



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