Chromatics Long- Awaited Return to Toronto at The Danforth Music Hall

Written By | Linda Le

Chromatics are finally back on the road after more than five years with their Double Exposure tour. Toronto fans have had to wait quite a bit considering the last time Chromatics played in Toronto was back in 2006!

With the formation of the record label started by member Johnny Jewel called Italians Do It Better to the addition of lead vocalist, Ruth Radelet, the band has certainly undergone quite a few changes over the years. Well the waiting finally ended May 27 with the band playing to a sold out show at the Danforth Music Hall.

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Shortly after doors opened, Montreal’s Tess Roby kicked off the night accompanied by her brother, Eliot, on guitar. They performed songs off her album Beacon released last year, their sound was ghostly yet calming paired with the visuals playing on the screen behind them, from the ocean to flowers swaying, it oddly enough perfectly portrayed how the song made you feel. In her calm, soothing voice Roby expressed how happy they were to return to their “old stomping grounds” explaining that they grew up just down the street from the venue, making this show extra special for them.

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Next on the bill was In Mirrors, a trio based out of Vancouver, making their Toronto debut. They brought such a high energy performance, especially with vocalist, Jesse Taylor, flaunting his whimsical dance moves. Honestly you could not help but to move along, with the groovy beat and the neon shapes projecting behind them.

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Following In Mirrors set was Desire. Sharing the stage with them was Chromatic’s members Nat Walker on drums and Johnny Jewel playing the synths. But truly all eyes were on lead vocalist, Megan Louise, as she strutted on stage in a full latex outfit, exerting full on confidence throughout the whole set. They performed songs off their 2009 self-titled album, with records such as “Don’t Call” and “Under Your Spell”.

As Desire’s set came to an end the Danforth was completely filled with fans eager for Chromatic to perform.

Guitarist Adam Miller accompanied by Jewel stepped on stage performing the instrumental of “Tick of the Clock’ as a timer was projected on the screen behind them.

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Finally Ruth Radelet joined them on stage as they began to perform “Lady” off their 2012 album Kill For Love. As with all the performances tonight, as important as the music is so are the visuals, their set was accompanied by visuals of cinematic 35mm images, mainly of Radelet, projecting throughout the set. They closed off their set with “Cherry” and crowd favourite “Into the Black”. Throughout the night Radelet would express the band’s appreciation for the fan’s constant support and patience.

Let’s hope fans won’t have to wait as long next time for the band’s return to Toronto.

 Photo Credit: Linda Le

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