Cleveland Rapper NoonieVsEverybody Releases First Official Single and Video For “LOYALTY”



Cleveland-based rapper NoonieVsEverybody makes his debut with a new single entitled “LOYALTY”. It officially marks the 17-year-old’s first release.

“”LOYALTY is THE principle. It’s the foundation to my life foreal. Without LOYALTY, I wouldn’t have all that I got. It’s only right that this sets off my story. #1. And if you don’t got it stay away as far as possible” – NoonieVsEverybody

NoonieVsEverybody offers a glimpse into the surreal life experiences that took place while living in urban Cleveland, Ohio. “Either you get out, or you die here.” The 17-year-old rapper says. The city of Cleveland has witnessed first-hand of what it takes to be one of the greatest as NoonieVsEverybody introduces his valiant will of resounding his energy to not his hometown but also to his family. It is the same invulnerable inclination that will drives a series of upcoming 2022 singles as well as his forthcoming debut mixtape. “LOYALTY” is really the start of my story,” he says. “It shows you why I’m doing everything I do.”

Now, in hopes to be a catalyst for change, NoonieVsEverybody presents an impassioned signature style of his own on “LOYALTY. The debut single tells an unfeigned story in heartfelt detail with lyrical cadences that go beyond the verity of pain and betrayal. The solo introduction serves as a conclave of harmony and resonance as he leaves off about the track, “when you listen to this, you’re going to feel it,” he adds, “A lot of people go through similar situations. I’m just being honest about all of it.” NoonieVsEverybody will be prepping more music for release later this year.

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