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Consequence of Sound Releases “Top 100 Shows of 2010s” List


Rounding out their final “Top of the 2010s” coverage, Consequence of Sound has dropped their list of the “Top 100 Shows of the 2010s.” With the launch of streaming services, ever expanding networks and series spin-offs, the 2010s ushered in a new era of television. Looking back at the decade, CoS has highlighted iconic period dramas including Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, captivating shows like Breaking Bad and Making A Murderer, the absolute phenomenon that is Stranger Things and the undeniably unique Atlanta. Be sure to check out the full list at
“Where to start with television? Every day, it seems there’s a new streaming service to subscribe to, and every hour, it feels like there’s a new show being developed. We’re spoiled as a culture, and we’ve been spoiled for quite some time. As our list of the 100 best shows of this past decade reveals, the Golden Age of Television never ended,” shares Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Consequence of Sound Michael Roffman. It usurped us all, taking over our living rooms, our free time, and — for some — our day-to-day. What used to be a Monday morning water cooler discussion has since evolved into a 24/7/365 endless chatter about what you either caught or you missed. It’s exciting, sure, but also daunting. That’s why it’s no surprise this list was the hardest to put together in our coverage of the 2010s. After all, we all have our favorite shows. Here’s hoping you find some in here.”
This list joins previously released lists including the Top 100 Songs, Top 25 Horror Movies, Top 100 Albums, Top 25 Film Scores, Top 100 Films and more. You can find complete 2010 coverage here.

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