DAAZ represents commercial Hip-Hop in a creative and entertaining way. His talent has relied on his dominion of rapping and storytelling as an art form, a skill he has conquered by drawing inspiration from lived experiences and combining it with typical Mexican idiosyncrasies. Today, he takes listeners on a humorous romance encounter and presents “MOTEL CALIFORNIA”, alongside Sabino.

Inspired by a true story, “Motel California”, combines cheeky humor, the stickiest of lyrics and a relatable storyline that will have listeners hooked on the outcome of the narrative. The eerie, tingly piano-driven beat unfolds the timeline of falling for a drunken fling and taking the leap of faith to ask what their Friday night plan is. Coming in hand with a comic music video, viewers are taken through an escalating storyline only to be left with an unexpected twist of an ending. 

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Written in December of last year, “Motel California” was a long-awaited collaboration for both DAAZ and Sabino, who share the mission to commercialize Latin hip-hop and place Mexico on the map as an exporter of urban music. With much excitement regarding this union, DAAZ took to social media to express: “This is a collaboration that has been requested for years. I can’t wait for you guys to listen to this song and the story behind it. I love you all so much! Let’s go Cancun, let’s go Mexico!”

DAAZ‘s music is carefree, with a seductive tone of intelligent narratives that distinguishes him from the rest of the talents in his country. His artistry entails elements many would expect from a gifted hitmaker: clever wordplay and a charismatic delivery that keeps the listeners enamored, and it’s exactly what he emits with “Motel California”, the first single of the year leading up to the debut of his album.