Damon Fletcher; Churning Hits Out Like Butta!

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Damon Fletcher is a lyrical genius that’s ‘straight outta lockdown’ and making globally recognized tunes, music videos, and collaborations. That’s right, Damon took the mad opportunity that lockdown created in 2020 to create music. He kept raising his own bar and produced his own music video and nodded his head with his mirror glasses to the global acclaim he received from mainstream artists. 

We can all be taking a leaf or two out of Damon’s production playbook and getting on with our lives, but most of us would stop there. Damon took his initial success and ran with it like a sprinter being chased by a cheetah, but how did this herculean talent make it big time?

Damon started out listening to his idol like all of us music lovers do. But, in his case, this was Usher, and he studied everything he did with a spyglass. Noting every song lyric, dance move, appearance, and music video. Little did Fletcher realize, but this research would help him create his own brand and pump out high-quality tunes, neon videos, and vibes that keep you coming back for more. 

In May 2020, Damon successfully finished ‘Hustle with a Purpose’, and, as its name suggests, was exactly what Damon was doing. He took control of his life when everyone was cooped up in our decadent cages and made something great. He collaborated with The CrushBoys to create his first rapping masterpiece. Something perhaps a little daunting for any of us to create the first time out the gate. 

Fletcher realized that he had hit the big time and needed to push what he was about even further. In the same year, Damon followed up with ‘2 Miles’ and then created a string of hits in 2021! He released three awesome hits in 2021, including ‘Catchin’ Dreams’ with Robbie Rosen, ‘Family Feast’, and ‘Ready’ featuring Cupid. 

We leave the best to last; 2022 enveloped our hearts with the recent release ‘Elevate,’ which is designed to do just that and make Damon a household name. You may have been jotting down notes either in your mind or on your hand as each of these hits complement Damon’s career and do nothing but catapult his chances of more success. We’re hoping that after this current hit, he makes one called ‘Big Time’ and makes just that! But let’s not skip before we can walk; what’s Fletcher up to right now?

You can find Fletcher promoting ‘Elevate’ and helping others get his music swagger. Damon is also working on new works and self-producing to make his work exactly how he wants. Collaborations are in the pipe, so he’s not just ‘Ready’ but currently in action. We all need to stay tuned to see what happens next!