The 19 year old Phoenix-born, L.A.-based hip hop artist, DBangz has released a new track, “The Source” featuring Jae Zole. The song is sure to build momentum with DBangz’ existing fans who listen for his raw and vivid lyricism, intricate rhyme schemes, and tongue-twisting, rapid-fire wordplay. Despite gaining popularity and building a massive fanbase by age 16, ultimately leading to an 8 week run atop Spotify’s Global Viral 50 chart, it’s clear that DBangz has matured as an artist. Thankfully, his fans have remained loyal while also allowing him the space to grow. Even after his initial success and virality, covering the front page of Reddit, amassing hundreds of millions of streams, and securing the bag as an independent artist, DBangz remains humble, staying true to himself and to his craft. Following up 2019’s delightful 6 track EP, Keahonui with his prolific project, Been A Long Time in 2020, DBangz has returned to form on his latest track “The Source,” powering up and signaling to fans, there’s more to come soon.

DBangz – “The Source” (feat. Jae Zole)

Born in Phoenix, AZ, the 19 year old Los Angeles-based hip hop artist, DBangz possesses an undeniable talent. The raw lyrical content and acrobatic wordplay in his viral hits, “Last Claim” as well as the Cash Money AP produced, “Thick N*ggas and Anime Tiddies” cut through the crowded Soundcloud rap scene of the late 2010’s, elevating him from hometown hero to an internationally recognized artist. Listing a diverse array of artists like MF DOOM, Earl Sweatshirt, and Mac Demarco among his influences, DBangz was inspired to start making music at an early age. By 14, the goofy, freethinking, teenager was spending a little less time skateboarding and a little more time rapping to beats he ripped off Youtube. Recording music in his family’s garage, DBangz began developing his abilities as rapper as well as an adolescent affinity for iconic golden era hip-hop samples, lewd lyrics, and cartoonish imagery.

By the time he was 17, DBangz was riding high off the success of two independently released singles which amassed millions of streams, he held the #1 spot on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 Chart for 8 weeks straight, and garnered a coveted spot on the front page of Reddit. Simultaneously, the young artist found himself mixed up in a scandal involving an Italian cosmetics brand who tastelessly used the title of his single to market their new line of black nail polish – an ordeal which was subsequently detailed in his first profile in XXL. Remaining unfazed by his newfound success, DBangz continued his accent with the release of two new independent projects, Summer Booty Sweat and Winter Booty Icicles later that year.

Despite amassing a considerable fanbase from his comedically explicit subject matter, by 2018 DBangz felt it was time to release a slightly more mature body of work with his third project, Konohagakure, a five track EP (named after the Hidden Leaf Village in the Japanese anime, Boruto). Further demonstrating his lyrical prowess and immaculate beat selection, DBangz released Keahonui in 2019 and Been a Long Time in 2020. Today, DBangz is still fully independent, boasts hundreds of millions of streams, and growing a cult-like fanbase of followers online who look up to him as one of the most crucial voices in contemporary Hip Hop. Stay tuned as DBangz releases more music this year ahead of his upcoming project later this spring / early-summer..