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Defiant Presents, a collective that includes some of the leading figures in New York- and Tri-State-based drill and club music (Bandmanrill, Sha EK, MC Vertt, and Kenzo B) release their debut EP, President OBandman via Warner Records. The three-song package, which includes guest appearances by fellow burgeoning stars D4M Sloan and 24Lefteye, showcases the unbridled energy and creative dexterity that has led this quartet to the forefront of rap’s most unmissable new scenes.

President OBandman opens with a warning shot to imitators. “(Work) No Hips Just Bounce” includes a lament about the wave-riders adopting Jersey club just as Bandman and MC Vertt have made it hot; when the record culminates in the D4M Sloan-featuring “Dam son,” a seemingly simple instrumental has been warped into a pattern that invites the sort of footwork necessary to tapdance dry through a rainstorm.

All the artists with a hand in President OBandman have scored widespread acclaim for their music over the past year. Bandman’s Warner debut, last fall’s Club Godfather—which comes complete with numerous production contributions by MC Vertt—brought Jersey club rap to a mass audience, while Sha EK has kept the streets fed with a steady stream of singles like the overwhelmingly maximalist “It’s About Time.” Meanwhile, Kenzo B announced herself, with the Dick Dale-sampling “Bump It,” as the first lady of drill.

Together the collective is as responsible as any group of young artists for pushing the limits of modern hip-hop and doing so with inimitable style.


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