DJ Esco took the stage on Friday night at Nike Studio of Dreams

Written By | Michael Cully 

On Friday night, the line outside of the Nike Dream Studios stretched down 10th street. Piling inside, fans watched as designers made new shirts on the spot the design area. Next to shirts was a photo booth for football fans to take pictures in support of the Rams and Patriots for Super Bowl LIII.



The legendary Cam Kirk Studios had a pop-up photo area where photographers were shooting models live in the event. Meanwhile on the other side of the venue, Nike’s sleek event space was decorated showingly. In different colored openings in the walls, they showed off a Falcon’s jersey along with other iconic Nike designs. Waiters came around with appetizers while people stood around listening to music provided by DJ Ohso.



Finally, DJ Esco took the stage. He along with his mascot wearing assistant kept the mood going playing some of his biggest hits, such as “Too much sauce” and “March Madness.” It was hard not to enjoy yourself as Esco kept the vibe up as long as he was on stage. His smile never left his face, making it obvious he loved was he was doing. He even brought up some people from the crowd to dance with him on stage. Around 9, his set finished, leaving everyone with their spirits high and ready for the upcoming Superbowl. 

See More Photos of DJ Esco Here.


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